YOU as Millennial Student, Professional and Entrepreneur


Get out of YOUR comfort zone and face who YOU really are


Plan YOUR goals on YOUR passion, build up a plan on those goals and work hard on it to ACHIEVE them!


Using my 8+1 GUIDES you’ll be able to build up yourself, in private and professional life, to scale your self awareness and be competitive.

Passions, goals, energy. These are the three levers to rely on so that your “future-self” will be proud of you.

Course curriculum

Here are Your 8+1 Guides

  • 1
    [Guide #1] 2019 Goal Planner
  • 2
    [Guide #2] 9 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Find Your Passion
    • About this GUIDE
    • 9 Questions to Ask Yourself - Download Your GUIDE Here!
  • 3
    [Guide #3] Take a Step Out of Your COMFORT ZONE
    • About this GUIDE
    • Take a Step Out fo Your COMFORT ZONE - Download Your GUIDE Here!
  • 4
    [Guide #4] How to Start Enjoying Life
    • About this GUIDE
    • How to Start Enjoying Life - Download Your GUIDE Here!
  • 5
    [Guide #5] Making a Big Life Change
    • About This GUIDE
    • Making a Big life Change - Download Your GUIDE Here!
  • 6
    [Guide #6] 30 Questions for Self Discovery
    • About This GUIDE
    • 30 Questions for Self Discovery - Download Your GUIDE Here!
  • 7
    [Guide #7] IKIGAI: Find Your Sweet Spot
    • About This GUIDE
    • IKIGAI - Download Your GUIDE Here!
  • 8
    [Guide #8] Focus On Your Talent
    • About This GUIDE
    • Focus On Your Talent - Download Your GUIDE Here!
  • 9
    [BONUS GUIDE] How Happy Are You?
    • About This GUIDE
    • How Happy Are You? - Download Your GUIDE Here!
  • 10
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  • Agostino Marengo

    Agostino Marengo

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    I have been committed for 25 years to help my university students achieve their study and career goals.
    Now I want to leave a legacy not only for my local students.
    I want to give the same tools I learned in my career to every student/professional in the world.
    I’ve prepared this Course for your goals so that you can confidently get on the path to building your success in the right way.
    Engineer, I love airplanes because I like flying.
    University Professor, I love young people because they can fly.
    Entrepreneur, I love challenges because they allow me to fly. – Speaker, I love let them fly.
    In one sigle sentence: Live like your Future-Self is watching you!

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  • What is a VIP Membership Area?

    A VIP Area is a place in which I put my Guides on self and professional improvement. It is a place in which you can find interesting contents to download and use whenever you want.

  • Who is Agostino?

    I am 51 and I am involved in other’s growth since 25 years, as university Professor, Startupper, Keynote Speaker. You can read more about me on my website.

  • What is Ago's TRIBE?

    It is my community on a lot of Social Networks as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Just search for Agostino Marengo and I will show up! I share my experience and my beliefs with my TRIBE.

  • Why I do this?

    Because I strongly believe that anyone of us MUST leave a legacy! This is my legacy.


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Social proof: testimonials

Elisabetta L.

I’ve known Prof. Agostino Marengo during my course in IT at University of Bari (ITALY). I appreciated so much his way of teaching because he gives to his students more then a simple lesson…You have the possibility to learn a new study method in which theory is not far from practice and you can obtain all you deserve for your professional training and, above all, you can discuss about real business topics with a high quality professional and person. In this way you can play your role inside the class in a more conscious way, learning by doing. He managed a class composed by over three hundred students and that’s because he is able to create a stimulating environment for his class, in which there is not competition but students are motivated to have fair and positive relationships. I will always remember Prof. Agostino Marengo as a great professional and a skilled specialist in building and managing of Human Capital.

Giuseppe F.

Agostino is first of all a person who can inspire and motivate you to success. His leadership based on delegation and control has allowed me to grow professionally in over 2 years of work together. I had the pleasure of spending extra professional experience with him and I appreciated it as a friend.

Claudio P.

I’ve been student of Prof.A. Marengo during my Msc in Economics, he was also my thesis degree supervisor Professor. Work with him it has been exciting and rewarding, he allowed me to act with great curiosity and dedication to my experimental thesis. He is a great professional, with a strong respect for others and great dedication to his job. He instilled in me the passion and attention to details. Surely a person of rare excellence that make the difference.


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